Welcome to the SafeFamily App for parental control and management of kid's gadgets


SafeFamily App is the parents’ control room for the physical and informational well-being of their kids

Easy to communicate

Make video calls and in-app chat with child. Set virtual zones. If child leaves this zone, you receive notification. Listen to surroundings (hidden call) – where allowed, can be disabled.

Control child communications and content for KidGram App

Control message statistics and (premium) kids message history, unless pre-agreed as safe/ private with kids. Make subscription/purchases of services, apps, content for kids through ApplePay/ GooglePay/own acquiring for delivery to KidGram devices.


Requests for new contacts in messenger. KidGram/Telegram channels subscription and links to external content sent to child.

Control functionality of kid’s device

Track location and battery. Time management/remote access control. API to integrate access to Carriers account balance. Transfer admin’s rules to another family member. Set WiFi settings on kids’ devices remotely from app.

In case of emergency

Receive SOS notification from the watch. Receive notification if the watch is taken off. Control the child’s voice-call contact list and add family members to track the child. Set geo position update frequency. Remotely set alarms.

For a productive day

Set class-mode to block entertainment functions. Create and manage your child's schedule.

Download SafeFamily App and get physical and informational well-being of the kids