Technical specifications listing policy
Technical specifications of ELARI products as provided on this site are for reference purposes only.

ELARI strives to keep stable high level of component base for the products, but due to COVID and other possible issues on supply chains and factories we may not guarantee using exactly the same component base.
Tech specs may be changed without additional notice if they do not have direct influence on user experience. CPU model, RAM and ROM module are also subject to change without additional notice.

Even given the above information, ELARI guarantees that all products will have all the functionality as declared in specifications.
GEO-Position accuracy policy
Even though ELARI uses GPS/LBS/A-GPS/Wi-Fi in main products for higher accuracy of geo-location, the position displayed in ELARI software for kids’ watches may not always have 100% accuracy due to many factors (surrounding buildings/trees, Wi-Fi/GPS/other radio signals nearby and many other), and due to its size, an ELARI watch does not have additional space for big antenna and receiver that would allow the same accuracy as smartphone or special GPS navigation system. Please bear this in mind while using ELARI kids’ watches.
Battery operational policy
ELARI uses A grade batteries in our products. Please note that all the standby or operational time as declared in tech specs of products refer to average values, real operational and standby time depends from many factors including outside temperature, battery health, charge level, usage of different functions and frequency of using them.