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Phone/Video Calls
Video calls using 4G speeds will allow to have the conversation without any lags or stuttering

Built-in MP3 player
Simply connect any Bluetooth headphones

KidGram Messenger
Parental control and fun and educational content

Pedometer, shedule, class mode, calculator, etc

Controlled via ELARI SafeFamily App
Available in AppStore and Google Play


ELARI WINK features

Portable Mini Speaker Bluetooth Wireless Loud, with Microphone, Sturdy Metal Housing, Led Light, 5-Hour Playtime, Pairable For Stereo Surround Sound.

Compact and elegant, the Elari NanoBeat portable Bluetooth speaker surprises with a powerful and high quality sound. It easily fits your pocket and even the palm of your hand (the diameter of the device is only 4 cm and its height is 3 cm) and can provide sound to a small room. An excellent solution for those who want to share their favourite song with their friends. Take it with you to the party, connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and entertain yourself and those around you with the music. Or use it as an additional source of sound while watching movies or ads on mobile devices in a large company, you no longer have to force your ears to listen to the silent speaker of your tablet or smartphone. It has a built-in microphone in the speaker case, so NanoBeat can be used as a headset, it is very convenient for conference calls. You can buy two NanoBeats, pair both devices and enjoy stereo sound.

Small but mighty
This bluetooth speaker wireless will surprise you with its powerful, loud and high-quality sound despite being small enough to fit in your pocket or in the palm of your hand.

Tiny bluetooth speaker with stylish design features led light and sturdy metal housing - which is not only good looking, but also resistant to possible damage.

Good for any lifestyle - take it to a party, use during travelling or just upgrade your everyday experience with Smartphone, laptop or PC while watching videos or listening to the music.

Built-in Mic and Stereo Effect
With built-in microphone NanoBeat can also be used for handsfree calls. For some extra surround sound experience take 2 devices and pair them via Bluetooth.
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I have to say that I was a bit reluctant at first before spending so much on a kid's GPS watch but after receiving and using it for a day, I must say that it's one of the best out there. The built quality of the watch is second to none. The app is very easy to use and clearly laid out.

I did have some initial setup issues at the start but the support was very helpful and responsive.

Keep up the good work, Elari team :)

— SSA reviewed in the UK on 24 May 2022

My daughter is happy

Easy to use, easy to set up. My child always connected, I can call to child, she can call back. Easy to control where is your child. if she left to walk with granma.

Build quality is good, not superb, plastic details are solid, mixed with rubber.

The daughter quickly figured out how to use the watch. The battery lasts for very active use, for 8-10 hours. If child use it sparingly, without games, and many calls, then the battery lasts a day.

What I didn't like is that the transfer of the location needs to be requested manually, that is, it does not send data every minute, only on request (which actually saves a lot of battery)

— Michael eviewed in the UK on 9 July 2021

Great smartwatch for kids

My son always connected, Easy to setup and use for kids .2 ways phone and video calls. U can see location where is your child. Gps work good quality of watch is very good (in this budget) plastic mixed with rubber. The battery lasts 2 days of use. Nice lcd ,the top of the housing is higher than the screen, which protects the screen from scratching good camera UI in watch and app is easy to use lot of options in app good smartwatch for this price

— Grzegorz reviewed in the UK on 25 August 2021

GPS tracking is accurate

This came out of nowhere. We are searching for a watch that will give us the locarion of our kid and finally decided to go for this one.

The watch came without the sim card so will have to purchase it separately. And since we have a sim that came from our previous GPS device which did not work so we only have to reuse the sim. We bought a GITGAFF sim and inserted it into the watch. We only had to activate the sim and credited a £15 loading balance in it. The build quality is premium, no unnecessary parts overlapping. The UI is simplistic and even the fonts are very well displayed. Call and text is very clear and the camera is decent.

GPS, this is the main reason why we bought this watch. It very precise and you can adjust the time intervals from 10mins, 30mins and 1 hour. Of course it will also consume the battery if you set to 10mins so 30mins will do for us. Battery life lasted the whole day with our settings. You can also set the class mode so it will disable all the other features except the SOS and Time features. SOS will record a 30sec voice clip and will send it to the app. You can also listen to your kids surrounding without disturbing the kid (watchphone will call your phone without the kid knowing it). Video call is very clear as well. Your kid cannot call or text anyone else aside from the registered number in the app. I believed it cannot accept text messages from unregistered numbers too (need to confirm).

It also has a steps counter which is really nice.

— DIJINN reviewed in the UK on 5 July 2021

How to Use

Watch the video to learn more about the KidPhone 4GR functions